NIKI Club terminated its operations on August 31, 2017.


We would like to thank you
for your support over the 30 years.
Our new project is in progress
at Art Biotop, adjacent to NIKI Club.
We sincerely look forward to seeing you again
in Yokozawa in the near future.

NIKI Club started its operation with only 6 rooms in Yokozawa, a small village with beautiful valleys situated off the main street. Over the next 30 years, it expanded its property by adding the Main Wing, East Wing, Kankikan and Kagami Stage. The philosophy of NIKI Club will continue to grow at the new Botanical Farm Garden Art Biotop, which will be developed as an extension of the current Art Biotop Nasu, and more.

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Shimotsuke Shimbun
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Niki Club closing remarks and about our new projects

International Traveler Best 100 hotels The International Traveller magazine has
ranked Niki Club on its list of the best hotel in the world.
Spa Finder Niki Club has received the 2012
Spafinder Crystal Awards.
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